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Contact Golden Care today to learn more about our Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care services or visit our services page to discover what other home care options we can provide to you.

Golden Care understands that clients with cognitive impairments such as Alzheimer’s Disease or certain forms of Dementia have special needs and requirements. Our caregivers are knowledgeable, compassionate and have the patience and experience to deal with these special needs. We also have memory care engagement activities that will help your loved one to stay engaged.  These tools can be used by the caregiver as well as the family. 

Here are some of the benefits to families, caregivers and individuals that these tools can help with:

  • decrease challenging behaviors

  • provide purpose to the individual with dementia

  • allow the individual with dementia to make decisions and succeed with challenges

  • provide joy and laughter in the lives of those with dementia

  • reduce boredom

  • should prompt family members (of those with dementia) to engage in activities

Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care Services 
Download a PDF of our Service Brochure
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to discuss your home care needs.
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